Wellcome Trust / Insects

Insect Au Gratin Installation at the Wellcome Trust

Harvesting Nets

Harvesting Nets

Harvesting Nets

Harvesting Nets

Insect Au Gratin Installation at the Wellcome Trust

Illustration Panel to Illustrate the 3D food production

3D printer at Insect Au Gratin

Panel Illustration of the 3D Food Printing

Insect Au Gratin Installation at Wellcome Trust

Illustration Moth and Cricket as Protein Container

As the world’s human population keeps multiplying, could entomophagy (eating insects) be a viable alternative to some of our future food problems?

Insects au Gratin focuses on the future of food and debates the nutritive and environmental aspects of entomophagy in combination with 3D food printing technologies. It proposes a cleaner and more efficient food production and distribution chain. Designs are digitally developed while insect protein is stored in compact and lighter formats meaning less consumption of water and other resources during production and less CO2 emission in transport.

The insect illustrations were also shown at the food event Exploring The Deliciousness of Insects.

Insects Au Gratin and Exploring The Deliciousness of Insects were part of the Who’s the Pest? programme, a collaboration between Pestival and Wellcome Trust.

Special thanks to BijaRi for the Motion Design and Vincent Rebers for LED Hardware and Software.

Pestival / Wellcome Trust

30th April to 5th May 2013

Design and Production
Susana Soares

Design, Production and Illustration

Motion Design

Food Science Adviser
Dr. Ken Spears

3D Printing Advisers
Dr. Peter Walters and Andrew Forkes

Programming, Hardware and Software
Vincent Rebers