Still Happening | 26 July onwards: Still Happening brings the attention of a distanced public to the fact that the horror of the war in Ukraine is far from over.

  • Still Happening is an art project initiated and curated by Masha Vainshtein and Kupfer, with the support of Pushkin House....

    Polina Osipova, Hope Bleeds Hope, 2022. 

    Still Happening is an art project initiated and curated by Masha Vainshtein and Kupfer, with the support of Pushkin House. Its aim is to raise funds for Ukraine and to support Ukrainian artists by bringing together artworks by Ukrainian and Russian creators. 


    The project will consist of an online viewing room, launching on 26 July, exhibiting works by a variety of artists of Ukrainian and Russian origins, united by their duty to speak out openly against the war caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The online exhibition will be accompanied by an event hosted by Pushkin House on 26 July at 8 pm.

    The event will act not only as a platform to display and sell works, but also to provide a space for artists to speak out candidly about their art, experience or personal identity during this horrific time.



    All profits from artwork sales will go towards rebuilding Ukraine through UNITED24 – one of the main venues for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine, or directly to Ukrainian artists in need of funds to support their practice or themselves.

  • Ivan Oliinyk, War Series, 2022

  • List oF ARTISTS Fedora Akimova Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov Ivan Oliinyk Maria Agureeva Maria Cohen Mikhail Bozanovski Polina Osipova Yelei Parashutov

    Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, The snake and the bat are girlfriends of the octopus, 2019.

    List oF ARTISTS

    • Fedora Akimova
    • Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov 

    • Ivan Oliinyk 

    • Maria Agureeva

    • Maria Cohen

    • Mikhail Bozanovski

    • Polina Osipova

    • Yelei Parashutov 


    Fedora Akimova (b.1987, Kyiv, Ukraine, now based in Tbilisi) @fedora_akimova

    Fedora Akimova is a mixed-media artist specialising in installations, videos and objects. She was born in 1987 in Kyiv, where, after receiving her first degree in Printing and Graphics, she began her creative career as an illustrator.


    Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov (b. 1989, Moscow, Russia, based in NYC) @fedotovfedorov 

    Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov is a queer artist based in New York, who explores the theme of relationships between man, nature and gender. Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov works with the theme of the “other”, self-identity, ecology and foreignness in reflecting on the processes of distance production in society, as well as in nature, gender, and the body. The artist deconstructs human attitudes to nature by presenting closed ecosystems as models of power structures and ways of scientific and museological collection/classification.


    Maria Agureeva (b. 1985, Ukrainian/Russian, based in Los-Angeles) @tripura_maha

    Maria Agureeva is an interdisciplinary artist working with digital art, sculpture, installation, performance. Thus, using various media tools, Maria explores the relationship between the global body of humanity and the body of nature, explores the future human body as an inextricable link with nature, as a single matter.


    Mikhail Bozanovski (b. 1998, Berlin) @chemicalcucumber

    Mikhail's body of work centres in and around action-based processes. He navigates his practice through the exploration of digital mediums (augmented reality, video, audio), in conjunction with physical processes (painting, performance, installation). His work attempts to facilitate a shaping of the intangible, revealing the in-betweenness of the present moment. He aims to capture, extract and illuminate these invisible, omnipresent relationships that we are subject to. Through looking at dichotomies of the biotic & abiotic (the lived & unlived), Mikhail uses the natural as a means of coming to terms with the technological.


    Ivan Oliinyk (b. 1995, Odessa, Ukraine)

    Ivan has been creating art his whole life. His practice combines his love for architecture, graffiti and music, transforming it into naïve yet bold, vivid and poetic works. 


    Maria Cohen (b. 1989, Moscow, Russia) @mari_cohen

    Maria is a self-taught painter, writer, researcher and curator living and working between London and Moscow. She studied at Camberwell College of Arts, where she gained an MA in Fine Art Painting in 2021. Her rabbit symbol acts as an alter-ego, an ambiguity of human nature.


    Polina Osipova (b. 1998, Chuvashia, Russia) @polinatammi 

     Polina is an ethnically Chuvash artist (an indigenous Turkic ethnic group in central Russia, inhabiting the Chuvash Republic). The artist explores the influence of traditional techniques that are characteristic of the Chuvash people, symbols of past and present, and related transformations, as well as ways in which young people can apply the knowledge passed on to them by their ancestors in contemporary art.
    Polina also uses visual symbols of the Chuvash world, explaining them with myths and legends that are encoded in her masks and ‘wearable’ sculptures, fighting for the freedom of the language and culture of her people. 

    елей парашютов (Yelei Parashutov) (b. 2001, Luhansk, Ukraine)

    Oleksandr (under the pseudonym of елей парашютов), is a young Ukrainian artist whose practice revolves around digital art. His works are filled with bold colours, and often illustrate very personal moments or comment on global conflicts. елей often accompanies his art with his own texts - poetry or prose.