213 Kupfer

Most fine art practices, on the individual level, are wandering working processes. All artist's and curator's show works and exhibitions in no one set location. This process has always been and will forever be mobile. 213 Kupfer seeks to utilise this notion of a boundless artist's practice and to develop exhibitions with a sense of mobility and site-specificity. Showcasing works by artists who have a specific dialogue with the idea of fluidity in location and or a certain context of setting is noted. As Robert Irwin states in relation to his painting practice of light and reflection “If you begin to assume that the object is no more real than the space around it, no more important than the shadows, it is simply one of a series of events, and you begin to try to deal with the consequences of that, then it becomes obvious you can’t make an object any longer or you cant make anything that is not relative to the circumstances that it exists in.” 213 Kupfer has become this ever-changing ‘series of events’ Irwin notes, a project space unlimited to any one circumstance. An experimental environment where real-world contaminant is encouraged within the exhibition process, to be displayed as a symbiosis between the artwork and its designated setting. Exhibitionism as an operational process of movement and renewal, a mapping of sporadic artistic potentialities within spaces contextually relevant and the bodies that move throughout. 213 provides support and assistance to artists who have an urge to create for a certain exteriority of the traditional gallery setting.  

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