Hupó (from Greek ὑπό – ‘Underneath, Under, Beneath’)

Gaia (from Greek ɡeɪə - ‘Land, Earth’)


Hupó-gaia is a collaboration between artists Sohyun Han and Bertie Garnett, supported by Kupfer Project Space.


“We plan to share the space that connects the underground car park and outside gallery in order to create an opportunity for communication and expression mid-pandemic. Through placing green-screen material within the space we are able to create an access point for different imagery, a portal between different environments. Green screen; its interchangeability between virtual and real can act as a door to our shared experiences and encounters.”


Sohyun Han (born in Incheon, South Korea, London-based, 2nd Year Fine Art Central St Martins student): “I work within the interest of morphogenesis generating infinite patterns and similarity of materials. We value spirituality and mysticism as we experience disjunction between body and mind. We imagined infinite mutability, afterlife and the ability to shift time and space through spirituality and mysticism, as we now experience it through technology.”


Bertie Garnett (born in Guildford, UK, London-based, 2nd Year Fine Art Central St Martins student): “My current work is centred around the idea of metamorphosis or ‘becoming’. What we perceive as materiality is questionable at a time when all kinds of media are infinitely mutable and reproducible. We now experience our world through different kinds of portals, access points; everything is framed through screens. I want to explore the relationship between technology and nature within my work, especially now as we are depending more and more on digital media for physical experiences and communication.