• Irony, color and joy but with a sense of dystopia is what connects the work of Elgersma and van Hoogenhuyze. In their eery thus airy installation you will wonder whether you want to laugh or cry, or maybe both at the same time.

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    Emmely Elgersma was paid to spend time with Lisette Van Hoogenhuyze; they planned a trip to Margate. Their first adventure together in the deserted but once shining and glimmering seaside town, brought their mutual interests to the surface. Irony, color, joy but with a sense of dystopia, these two will make you wonder whether you should be laughing, crying or maybe both at the same time. 

    The wobbly sculptures of Elgersma together with the colorful and spacious wall pieces of van Hoogenhuyze seem joyous, until you take a closer look. Like the sign of dreamland on a cold, rainy November evening.